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Cybercrime is on the rise in Australia, with the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN) listing more than 10,000 reported cases every quarter over the past four years.
At AB Morison we understand the seriousness of both the economical and personal impact cybercrime can have on its victims.

One report from Norton internet security that describes cybercrime as a “silent global digital epidemic” found that almost 30% of people surveyed could not detect a phishing scam. Unfortunately, because we deal with directing large sums of money on a day to day basis, conveyancers have become one of the major targets of cyber criminals looking to steal your valuable funds, as seen in several high profile cases including one in 2018 that saw $250,000 stolen at settlement.

After extensive consultation with information technology and cybercrime experts, we have implemented a range of industry best practices the provide the highest level of security for our client’s personal information. All staff are trained on cybercrime procedures and our systems are constantly being monitored and updated to account for changes in legislation, and to adapt to potential threats as they evolve.

With many instances being reported in the media of home buyers and sellers falling victim to cybercrime and the uncertainty of the now mandatory PEXA electronic settlement platform, it is essential you choose a conveyancer with adequate levels of cyber security. We’re pleased to offer our clients the best possible protection and certainty.

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