Commercial and Industrial

Although on the surface they may appear similar, Commercial and Industrial Property Conveyancing transactions require considerably more care, skill and expert advice than standard residential property settlements. Half the skill is required at the pre- contract or initial stages to ensure that the following issues are dealt with properly:

  • GST and the lesser known stamp duty on GST
  • Correct corporate or trust structure on titles
  • Giving you excellent advice on the contract and vendors statement, especially if you plan to develop the site

As conveyancers, we are unable to give tax or corporate structure advice. What we can do is ask the right questions to make sure you know what advice you should be looking for and are able to give us your instructions with confidence. When it comes to working towards settlement, not all conveyancers or law clerks (who typically handle these matters at law firms) have the same degree of qualifications or experience. We take care to ensure:

  • GST and Tax invoices are treated properly at settlement
  • Leases are handled properly- security deposits, rent in arrears or paid in advance, scrutinising council, water and land tax adjustments to be split between purchaser, tenant and vendor
  • Authorities are notified of proper trust structures to ensure land tax fines are not incurred later down the line

We all do this while providing a personal friendly service, and making the process feel seamless and easy. You will benefit from over twenty years of expertise and experience as Victoria’s most recommended conveyancing firm (as Sargeants Port Phillip, and now AB Morison).

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