Taking the first steps towards buying a property is an incredibly exciting time; one that can also come with the stress of navigating endless paperwork and red tape. For some, knowing where to begin can present a challenge in itself- sure you might have read about the first home owners grantor heard the terms stamp duty or sunset clausethrown around, but may not be so sure what they mean in practice.

From signing the contract through to settlement, having someone on your side who can protect your best interests, explain things clearly and make sure you receive the concessions and benefits you deserve is an invaluable asset. Our Victorian conveyancing specialists will make your property purchase a smooth and easy transaction, with the benefit of:

  • Pre-purchase contract review
  • Your own dedicated conveyancer
  • Over twenty years of expertise and experience as Victoria’s most recommended conveyancing firm (as Sargeants Port Phillip, and now AB Morison)

We can help you buy:

  • Vacant land
  • New or established residences
  • Off-the-plan townhouses, units, or houses
  • Units, flats and apartments - strata, stratum and company share
  • Carparks- common property leases and license agreements
  • Commercial freehold properties (see business purchases for more information)

The most referred to conveyancer

Taking the stress out of the transaction

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