Related Party Transfers

A related party matter is any transfer between relatives, associated trusts and companies and people known to each other.

They include:

  • Deceased estates
  • Divorce and breakdown of relationship
  • Asset protection transfers to a spouse
  • Same sex relationship transfers
  • Bare/ custodian trust to SMSF when a loan is repaid
  • Transferring a commercial property to your SMSF
  • Trusts to beneficiaries or unit holder
  • Gifts to children or spouses
  • Removing a parent’s name from a title where they were previously a guarantor
  • NICO (not- in- common- ownership) transfers lodged with subdivisions
  • Title boundary realignments
  • Partition agreements and other split of assets after developing a property

It is essential to have the right advice

We shine in these matters, where having the right advice can save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. While many conveyancers are focused only on getting the paperwork done and prioritise stamp duty minimalisation, we look at the bigger picture. Sometimes the advice you receive, or don’t receive, when you initially buy a property impacts you in the long term and saving on stamp duty is not always going to be the default best option in the long run.

We can help

If you feel your previous conveyancer or legal advisor isn’t considering your best interests, we can also assist with corrections, or re- transferring properties, already handled by other conveyancers or law firms. We are recommended by a large number of financial advisors and accountants who trust us to process the matters correctly, but also to provide guidance to them and their clients, and outline options they might not have considered. We understand that ever matter is different, and our specialised team will always consider your personal circumstances first, explain your options clearly, and approach each matter with humanity and understanding. You will benefit from over twenty years of expertise and experience as Victoria’s most recommended conveyancing firm (as Sargeants Port Phillip, and now AB Morison)

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