Subdivision and Consolidation

  • Subdivisions
  • Consolidations
  • s173 Agreements
  • Title Realignments
  • NICO Transfers
  • Partition Agreements
  • Registrations of Easements, Covenants and more

We manage all types of Land Titles Office lodgements, including plan of subdivision and consolidation, as well as the removal or creation of easements, removal or variation of restrictive covenants, s173 agreements, and much more. Our dedicated team can manage lodgement Victoria wide. We were one of the first conveyancing firms to trial the Land Title Office’s SPEAR system, an Australian first online subdivision management system, meaning we are able to turnaround lodgement applications efficiently and quickly.


We will coordinate with your mortgagee (or multiple mortgagees for unit sites) to obtain their consent and access to the title/s and ensure that the entire process is stress free. We are experts in all kinds of developer services including off-the-plan sales and investment of trust monies. Clients can find subdivisions complicated when stamp duty needs to be assessed and transfers of property need to be conducted simultaneously (including partition agreements and NICO transfers). It can seem daunting, but we will explain the process in simple terms and make the entire process easy, guiding you each step of the way. You will benefit from over twenty years of expertise and experience as Victoria’s most recommended conveyancing firm (as Sargeants Port Phillip, and now AB Morison).

"In planning for our new build, I've dealt with many many businesses (surveyors, architects, engineers, etc) and Cindy stood out as 'the best on ground'! We were aiming for a fast turnaround with our Title Certification and Cindy took the initiative to prepare documents ahead of schedule to save time, rather than being asked. Highly recommend!" - Tim Snow from Malvern East, Google Review
  What land surveyors say about us: “Your company has been awesome to deal with and really look after our mutual clients"  - Land Dimensions Pty Ltd

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