Mandi Morison
Director and Licenced Conveyancer

It takes one conversation with Mandi Morison to understand that she is a rarity in the corporate world. Her humanity and expertise shines through every exchange. She treats each and every person with the same degree of respect, professionalism, and compassion, whether they are a first home buyer, or the head of a multi-million-dollar development firm. Mandi’s career in conveyancing began almost twenty years ago, and after two decades as the director of Victoria’s largest conveyancing firm under the name Sargeants Port Phillip, she is leading her team into the next chapter of the firm’s illustrious history under the new name AB Morison. As one of the first fully licensed conveyancers in Victoria, Mandi is an expert in all aspects of the conveyancing process, including a good knowledge of GST and taxes in relation to conveyancing,  complicated GST and tax processes, developments, all aspects of standard residential transfers, and complex related party transactions (SMSFs, trusts, partition agreements, deceased estates, asset protection and spousal and defacto breakdown). Her unmatchable energy and drive see her consistently go above and beyond to be at the forefront of innovation in the industry, as well as being a well-liked and charismatic presence.

Mandi has experience in buying and selling numerous homes and investment properties and has personally developed multiple unit sites. Her personal experience shines through as she shares our clients excitement and provides practical, real life advice. Mandi has a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and has also headed a National Franchise in Conveyancing.

"This is the second time we've used AB Morison and we're once again extremely pleased by the level of service offered by Mandi, George and Julia. They all have excellent communication skills, are very attentive and patient to the needs of non-conveyancing peeps and are extremely professional. We have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for an exemplary conveyancing service at a competitive price. We only wish their jurisdiction covered Tasmania too!"

Andy Greenwood

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