Suzanne Barry
Conveyancing Account Manager

Suzanne Barry arrived in Australia from London in 2005 and began her conveyancing career in 2016 with Sargeants Port Phillip. As well as being an incredibly astute and professional member of the team, she is well known for her quick wit and sense of humour. Suzie holds a Higher National Diploma in Business and Finance from Greenwich university and has previously managed a family building business. Suzanne is an authority on off-the-plan purchases and can often work with the same clients for years at a time, building a genuine rapport and relationship.

"Suzanne Barry from Sargeants Port Phillip Conveyancing - Melbourne was very proactive in arranging conveyancing for our new property. She was very thorough and efficient in coordinating with the broker and doing any follow-ups with the Solicitors for any issues.I wouldn't hesitate to use their services again and would highly recommend!"

Megha Sharma Jain, Purchaser in Chadstone

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